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Filmmaker . Writer . Producer . Performer

Born in Arkansas, then moved to Texas, then to British Columbia, then to the Yukon.  With two archeologists as parents you never stop moving and adapting.

Travelled a lot growing up, moved often, and university has taken me bouncing around as well, including living a year in the UK (Ask me about Herestmonceux Castle). Settled (for now) in Toronto, ON but who knows where will be next ;) 

I've loved story telling since I can remember and I never grew out of it. Whether I make a staged  show, or a film, whether I act, edit, produce, write, or direct the story, and whether there's a big crowd or none, I will always love story telling.  

Demisexual, Biromantic, Gender Fluid, White and Métis heritage, Dual Citizen; I often feel like a bridge between worlds and as an artist I act like it, bringing multiple perspectives in each project. I bring my love for all art everywhere.  

I've contributed various designs to this store, and am super proud of it, so check it out!

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